Our Story


Founded in 2012, Coffeecol is a unique Coffee Shop focused on delivering nutritious gourmet food for their customers while incorporating a touch of Latin taste to create a tasty and healthy environment.
Coffeecol was inspired by the delectable Colombian coffee hence the "col" in Coffeecol. The inspirations from Latin America and our passion for nutritious foods are reflected in our delicious servings.


Our Coffee


The Story of our Coffee!

Coffeecol Bean offers the most flavorful Colombian coffee from the fields of the beautiful land itself. Colombia is known to be the biggest producer of Arabica coffee, which is the highest quality bean. Coffeecol will make this exotic favorite available to all coffee lovers in the northern New Jersey area. To accompany the coffee, we offer an assortment of handmade arepas made with 100% corn and filled with fresh ingredients of your choosing. We also offer American classics, such as burgers and sandwiches.



"A gem of a spot! Great arepas and friendly people. Arroz con leche or a slice of pound cake with delicious Colombian coffee!"

Vincenzo from Norway, One of the many satisfied customers at coffeecol :)


Tasty and Healthy?

Our food is delicious and healthy. Our arepas are 100% naturally gluten free and can be customized to your own personal taste. We use a variety of vegetables and spices to satisfy your taste buds but to also satisfy your body with key nutrients. We offer Veggie Arepas for the vegetable loving individuals and Vegan Arepas for our vegan costumers . Yes we offer Burgers and fries, so how could that possibly be healthy? Well, our cuisine team has put in much thought in our menu and in our meals. They have developed the burgers with fresh ingredients and with the right beef to feed your body. We have even taken further steps like choosing the correct and best oil in which we fry our fries and empanadas :) 



This ain't no Starbucks. 
Best place to get some work done and have fantastic and I mean fantastic Colombian coffee and excellent home made pastries and yes, breakfast empanadas!

Joy from NJ, One of the many satisfied costumers at coffeecol :)