Our belief is that what we drink and eat should be sustainable, ethically sourced, and delivered with transparency.

Our goal is to give the consumer as much information about our products and our projects to help out our community of farmers. We strive to serve our communities and give them products that they believe in as much as the folks who work so hard to create them.


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A portion that goes directly to supporting local farmers 

A portion is reinvested into our business

A flat portion to cover all costs


Educational supplies for Farmer's Kids on September 1st 2021.

We donate directly to farmers whatever is leftover.

Clothing and Food Baskets for Families on December 24th 2021.

We make supporting simple and transparent

25% of profits will be given back to farmers through our projects. Every time you buy a bag of coffee, you are supporting small farmers and local workers.


By sourcing from small organic lots where beans are hand-picked we are able to support small farmers and give them the credit they deserve. Our sourcing makes a real difference in our farmers lives by providing opportunity and giving back.

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Our Main Specialty Coffee Farm

Family Name: Familia Gonzalez 

Coffee Growers Since: 1970's

Location: Quindío, Colombia

Total Number of Workers: 17

Coffee: CoffeecolBean Gourmet Selection

Bean Type: Arabica

Method Used: Lavado (Washed & Sundried)

Selectively Hand-picked

Altitude Grown: 1700