“Our Coffeecol Team understands and appreciates the valuable Trust from our Customers, we will continuously work hard to keep providing our customers with Healthy Gourmet food and an excellent service.”​
We keep encouraging our customers to keep ordering for Pick Up and Delivery through our Delivery partners such as Uber-Eats, Grub-Hub, Door-Dash, and Due to high demand on our Arepas through Amazon, if you are choosing to pick up any of our Packed Food or Coffee please allow extra time for packing procedures, Our Team are working hard in order to supply our customers with their pantry essentials.​​​​


​​"The Chambers of commerce for your support during COVID-19 and  to our loyal customers for continuously trusting our brand,


Special Thanks to Fay Salwen, Liz Santos, Nicole Fenton from Tesla, & Kara Webster for your contributions for the Front line employees at Holy name Hospital & Valley Hospital. God Bless you for Keeping Coffeecol in mind to be part of your kindness" - Angie