cOVID-19 updateS

March: We want to inform you of the proactive steps Our Locations are taking to ensure the safety in our Café across our communities—in proactive partnership with local health authorities,”  Beyond “adhering to our industry-leading, deep-cleaning procedures in our store every day,” some additional steps included “ensuring high-touch areas get more frequent deep cleanings (all counters, restrooms, all equipment etc, places like our Amazon Dispatch center which is located on the first level of our building, “enhancing Delivery procedures with our Delivery Partners to ensure order packaging remains safe before we fill it.

June: We are proud to announce that Coffeecol has remained and continues to remain open during the health crises and never experienced and health nor safety issues. As of the beginning of May, our Locations began implementing the ULTRA VIOLET DISENFECTANT SYSTEM. This system is done once at day prior opening. Our staff have committed to stay safe and healthy for our customers. We served some of our front line workers, providing them with food during the pandemic. We continue taking all the procedures necessary to keeping up the Excellent work.

September: Our Front Desk Employees continues keeping their distance with all of our customers, washing their hands, and disinfecting their work area. Kitchen Employees must use a facemask and disposable gloves in any food preparation, Temperature is being taken prior to any work by any of our Operations Manager. We are now allowing dining in at 25% capacity. We continue to operate in accordance to local and national guidelines. As we begin to find a new normality, we still urge our community to stay safe for the sake of our township.