" Our passion for Coffee & gourmet food, inspired us to create a place where we could share it with our community."

Coffeecol" inspired by the delightful of the Colombian Coffee. 

Coffeecol is a family  owned business, founded in 2012 by Leo & Angelica G. 

 Mr. Gonzalez spent his early years in the farms of Colombia, surrounded by Coffee plantations, his father Jose Gonzalez, was the person responsible for Mr. Gonzalez to fell in love with the Aroma of the coffee beans, freshly roasted and pour over brewed every morning. Their ethic is to make it right, the Gonzalez believes everyone deserves to get good quality coffee & food that nourish the mind and body. 

"Our Vision, is to be able to bring Coffeecol to every single household, to share Delicious, Healthy food alternatives from our ancestors to our families".

Coffeecol has been innovation through the years, founded by family and run by family, they work hand in hand with local farmers in Colombia to bring the finest gourmet coffee at a fair cost to every household, they keep focusing on bringing handcrafted gourmet foods, their vision is to keep working in hand with other small business to keep providing healthy alternatives.

Our Story

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