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After having grown up on a farm in Colombia, Eleo always knew exactly where his food came from and enjoyed eating nutritious organic food and coffee. As a son of a second-generation coffee farmer, Eleo would naturally grow into loving the popular plant as well as having a great pride for serving his community.

After moving to U.S. in the late 1980's, Eleo had a deep longing to bring the transparency he was so familiar with.

"Leo & Angie"  met during their last year of High School and married couple of years later. The couple, parents of Christopher, Angelina & Vittoria, focused on rising their family for a bit. The Couple's values along with both their working styles became powerful tools in fueling their passion for their Vision.


The Family open doors to their first cafe located in Teaneck, NJ.

The family greeted each guest with genuine enthusiasm, eager to share their passion for great coffee and hospitality. The space buzzed with conversation, laughter, and the clinking of cups as patrons savored their first sips of their carefully crafted brews.

  By 2016, Coffeecol had great following of coffee lovers that later lead him to open up his own location where he could experiment with various coffee and roasts. This passion with Specialty Coffee and transparency was reflected when Eleo built his own Roastery Facility "CoffeecolBean Roastery" located in Filandia, Quindio, Colombia to have complete control of the beans grown on organic hand picked plots. By sharing his vision, beliefs, and supporting farmers, Leo & Angie were able to make exclusive relationships with small high quality suppliers. 

"Our story continues -  our endeavor to serve our communities is one that we work on everyday. We believe everyone has the right to know that they are eating and drinking great authentic products with the best ingredients and ethical processes." - Leo.

Our Mission

Inspire - Educate - Serve

Our mission is to Inspire - Educate - Serve our Local Communities and our Amazing Farmers. 

We are accomplishing our mission by hosting our community in our inspiring locations, educating people on our Coffee and Gourmet Food processes, and serving our communities hand in hand with the best farmers.

Our Community Loves Coffeecol because of what we believe in and our Strong Core Values established by our Innovative Founders Leo & Angelica.

Farmers Harvesting Crops





Ethical Sourcing



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